Sunday, March 13, 2016

March's Ditty of the Month

On Michelle Heidenrich Barnes' site, Today's Little Ditty, the March ditty challenge is in full swing. The challenge this month, from Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, is to write a poem about something small, an animal or object, you see every day and do not usually give much thought. For some reason I got to thinking about spoons and what I used to do with them as a kid. The format for my poem is the Japanese Sedoka. According to a post at The Miss Rumphius Effect, the sedoka is a Japanese poetic form that is an unrhymed poem made up of a pair of katuata. A katuata is a three-line poem with the syllable count of 5/7/7. Generally a sedoka addresses the same subject from different perspectives. So here is my ditty for March.

Spoons in the Drawer

From scooping ice cream
To plunging it in my mouth,
Savoring the sweet coldness.

From digging damp soil
To throwing it in my pail,
Building rivers and highways.