Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Couple of New Ditties

I'm behind posting two ditties that I contributed to Michelle's blog over at Today's Little Ditty.

The first ditty was part of January's Ditty of the Month Club.  The challenge was to write a poem about "nothing."

The second ditty is part of February's current Ditty of the Month Club.  The February challenge is to write a poem based on the word "ditty."

If you've never visited Michelle's site or participated in her Ditty of the Month Club, you're definitely missing out!  Head over there and give it a try!


by Kristi Dee Veitenheimer

Thirty minutes to write about anything I want...

I glance down

and see a big,



staring back at me.

As soon as my teacher

turns the dial

on the timer,

my mind goes as


as the paper.


No thoughts.

No words.

No sentences.

A desert,

dry and parched.

Searching for something,


Thirty minutes later,

still nothing.



except for



Ditty Trouble

by Kristi Dee Veitenheimer

There once was a lady who wrote                                    

short simple rhymes in a note. 

Twas such a pity

that each little ditty

often got stuck in her throat.

Whenever she tried to recite one,

whether fairy tale, fable, or pun,

the words that were listed

would always get twisted,

tying her tongue in a bun.

So one day the lady decided

the beautiful words she provided,

should only be read

in somebody’s head,

so no one would then be misguided.

The lady continued to write

each night until dawn’s breaking light.

Known to be witty,

each little ditty

brought children’s loud squeals of delight.

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