Monday, December 7, 2015

Susanna Leonard Hill's 5th Annual Holiday Contest!

Susanna Leonard Hill's 5th Annual Holiday Contest for writers has begun. 

Here is my entry for this year's contest.  The limit for the contest is 350 words.

My story comes in at a whopping 92 words!

A Christmas Birth

Praying before the manger bed
in a stable's simple stall,
Mary and Joseph kneeling there
in wonder and in awe.

Angels were singing songs of cheer
to announce the birth of one
coming to set us free from sin,
God's only begotten son.

Then came the shepherds with their sheep,
to pay homage to their king.
Animals large and small looked on
as angels continued to sing.

Mary and Joseph were blessed that night
with a babe so tiny and small.
Jesus would give his life someday
to cleanse the sins of all.