Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blogging A to Z Challenge: O

 is for poems with Onomatopoeia.

When the Lights Go Out

The door went creak
In the still of the night
The floor went bump
Oh what a fright
All of a sudden, we heard a chime
The grandfather clock was keeping good time
We turned down a hallway and heard a loud crash
It seems that someone had dropped all the trash
So many sounds when the lights go out
It’s enough to make you scream and shout!

Sounds of the Wild?
          -Kristi Veitenheimer

Bees buzz
Snakes hiss
Fish splash
Ducks quack
Winds bluster
Wings flutter
Sheep baa
Crows caw
Goats bleat
Monkeys eek
Donkeys bray
Horses neigh
Dolphins click
Hens cackle
Cows moo
Pigeons coo 
Turkeys gobble
Bulls bellow
Bears growl
Wolves howl
Pigs grunt
Cats meow
Owls hoot
Lions roar
Mice squeak
Parrots squawk
Raccoons chitter
Children chatter

Click to learn more about onomatopoeia.

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