Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blogging from A to Z Challenge: S

 is for Synchronicity poetry.

Upon awakening each day,
I yawn and stretch out my stiff limbs.
I rise.

Sauntering into the kitchen,
breakfast is already waiting.
I eat.

Now that I'm satiated, I
take notice of my family.
I speak.

Early morning exercise with
you--a special time of bonding.
We walk.

Arriving back home, you hand me
a special treat that's just for me.
You care.

Loving your attention, I then
smother  you with love and kisses.
You're mine.

Everyone has to be jealous.
Don't they realize that I'm man's
best friend?

Oh, the life of a beloved
dog. No worries, just content to
be loved.

Click on this link to learn about synchronicity poems.

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